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Not all of the stuff on this site is to my taste (his take on Black Panther seems particularly blinkered), but this resonated with me.

Righteous Ruminations: Hating Facebook (from 2015)

I don't blame Facebook for my friend's death, much as I would love to blame someone. I just hate that not having Facebook makes me feel like a bad friend. I hate that the Facebook / social media paradigm of socialization won. I feel that my only real choices are to either A. Get with the program and embrace the dominant protocols of society or B. Become further alienated.

Read the whole thing, but that piece there is the most relevant bit — the "Facebook / social media paradigm of socialization", where anything that doesn't happen on Facebook or social media does not really exist.

I've had a few things like this happen in my life, but none of them were of this magnitude. And now, what with me having backed off from Facebook except in the sense that these posts are robo-syndicated to it, I suspect I'm condemned to eventually experience similar things myself.

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