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Doomed To Repeat It

For two straight days I have opened up a blank blog entry and tried to say something about the Parkland shooting that was not just tearful gloom or white-nosed rage.

But it always came down to one of those two things, because we have been here before, literally hundreds of times, and the scenery is never any different. A lonely, angry guy (typically a white guy) kills a bunch of people with an all-too-readily obtained arsenal of weapons. People grieve, and make sensible and constructive suggestions, and it's all swept under a rug of Thoughts And Prayers and "this is not the time to politicize this tragedy" and all the rest of the comfortless thought-terminating nonsense that is always trotted out in the wake of one of these incidents.

Because, really, what else is there to say? Even the most rudimentary of common-sense measures, like not letting obviously deranged or violent people acquire massively destructive weaponry, never makes it out of committee for one idiot reason or another, or is pooh-poohed for being unworkable, and so it happens again. People cling against all evidence to the contrary to the romanticized idea that more weapons automatically means a safer world, and so it happens again.

You see why I don't choose to talk about this much. It just leaves me furious and drained, and most everyone already has their mind made up about it, and whatever they hear from me about it isn't going to get them to budge — if anything, it's just going to make them all the more resistant. And in the end I can't think of anything that hasn't been said endlessly elsewhere anyway. But you at least deserve to know where I stand on all this.

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