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Some major things will be happening at Chez Genji over the next couple of months.

1. The first draft of Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned will be completed

Getting to the conclusion of this book has been like doing a belly-crawl across a football field. But I'm finally almost there. The draft should be wrapped by the end of the month, or slightly afterwards.

The algebra I came up with for this book amounted to: "GoodFellas Strange Days + Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain." It might not be that weird to you; on the other hand, it might be even weirder.

2. Welcome To The Fold will finally be released

I spent way too much time sitting on this thing and getting distracted with other work. But more than that, I was trying, unsuccessfully, to draw attention to it by way of agent submissions and the Inkshares site. Both of those have stiffed out, so I've decided to just put the book out there and let it be. I'm toying with doing a Kindle-only edition first and then adding the print version by CreateSpace afterwards, but from all the conversations I've had with friends and fans (all two of each, ha ha), they like having the artifact, so I guess I'll reverse those priorities.

I'm also going to be attempting some more constructive promotion by way of InstaFreebie and NetGalley. From what I can tell, those seem to be very good ways to draw attention to newly published work by way of the GoodReads crowd.

Right now, you can read a summary and the first couple of chapters at Inkshares, but eventually that sneak preview will be rehosted here.

When a young woman joins an underground street-theater movement with plans to change the world, her boyfriend follows her in to "rescue" her ... only to find it may cost both of them their personalities, and maybe also their lives.

Annika always wanted to be someone else. One day, she found a way to do exactly that: join "Sunderlands", a live-action role-playing game based on the best-selling fantasy series. All unauthorized, all underground ... and all for the sake of creating a world where heroes were possible again.

Renton loved Annika just as she was. When she vanished into the game, he followed her in to get her back. What he didn’t expect to find was a plot to rewrite the stories of their lives from the inside out. And the stories of everyone else’s lives as well.

3. This site will be revamped

Another thing I've waited entirely too long to do. I have a new site design, courtesy of the new software I wrote for it, but I've yet to actually throw the switches. I wanted about a week of time when I wasn't doing anything else to concentrate on that; finishing both AONO and Fold should be a good way to give myself permission to take that block of time.

I'm not planning a drastically different look. Most of the changes are under the hood. But the landing pages for each book will be revamped heavily, both to make them more accessible and to make it easier for me to alter them as needed. It also means things like images, artwork, etc. will be easier to add to posts, and the whole process of making posts will be far less laborious. (Movable Type, your time has come and gone. And it's been more gone than come for a while now.)

One thing that is likely to be immediately obvious is a de-emphasis on all the parts of the site that aren't focused on my writing. I'm not taking the books or movies sections offline. At least, not right away. Rather, I'm going to revamp the site's homepage so that it shows the most recent posts in all categories rather than categories that have a tendency to get stale for months on end.

To be dead honest: I don't know if I'm going to be posting about that stuff here anymore. I may try to find a new venue, a separate blog with separate branding, but that presumes I have time and enthusiasm enough to keep things fresh there, too. My job duties these days don't leave me as much free time as I'd like, so I have to allocate it wisely, and all other things being equal, my actual writing must come first. I might as well put my time towards the things that matter the most to me personally instead of trying to be too many things to not enough people.

Today, there's a different atmosphere out there in re internet-based reviews of things than there was when I started blogging back in nineteenninetyoomph. There's sites like Letterboxd and Goodreads to allow people to casually review stuff as they go, without the formal effort of branding themselves as critics. Most of the time and devotion I have to such things is already being channeled into Ganriki.org, so I'm not inclined to duplicate or dissipate effort.

It's harder than ever to be a fish of any appreciable size in a fishbowl this big. The best way to stand out is to do something absolutely no one else is doing. Good or bad, right or wrong, that something is my writing, and that's where the brunt of my work has to go from now on.

4. And then?

AONO revisions. With any luck the book will be done by the end of the year, maybe early '18.

I'll be fishing around for a follow-up project. Some candidates have landed in my in basket, but I haven't decided on anything yet. There must be something like twenty possible items in there. Wild.

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