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By Serdar Yegulalp on 2016-12-03 08:00:00-05:00 No comments

I haven't said much lately about the release schedule for current and future books of mine, so here's some catch-up in that department.

Summerworld is currently only in print by way of Sometime early next year I plan to retire that edition and replace it with one available through Amazon, so it'll be in sync with the Kindle edition. I found some minor errors in the manuscript — nothing that would merit a re-reading, just some editing mistakes — and will clean those up.

If you are fond of fantasy in either the Neil Gaiman or Hayao Miyazaki mold, Summerworld is recommended. (One of my original pitches for the book was "Gaiman meets Miyazaki"; I get a lot of mileage out of that comparison!)

Welcome To The Foldcompleted as of early this year, will be released early next year. The exact venue is to be determined, as I'll be exploring a couple of possible distribution options. Should all else fail, it will be available by way of, on Kindle and in print.

Fold is a tough book to describe, so I held off on offering up a blurb for it until I was ready to actually release it. The story goes something about like this: A young man attempts to rescue his girlfriend from a charismatic cult that uses fantasy and role-playing to maintain its hold over its members, but both he and she find things to be far more complex than it might first appear. (For one, you can't just walk away from something like that without taking bits of it away with you.)

Look for more details on it shortly.

Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned -- the title is a nod to both Walter Moseley and The Prodigy — is tentatively scheduled to be finished by the end of the coming year. It's proving to be a difficult book to produce, but not an unrewarding one, somewhere between modern noir and science fiction -- GoodFellas plus Strange Days plus El Topo. If such a formula makes sense to you, you're probably the audience for this book.

Some other possible projects after that:

  • The project I was originally going to work on before Always Outnumbered, entitled The Palace of the Red Desert, is still looming large in my mind as a possibility. The pieces need rearranging before they can be used, though; I had a setting and characters, but not enough of a story.
  • An old, old project I never finished, entitled Perfect Skin, might also be resurrected in a completely new form. The way things are in the world today helped me see the original material in a new light.

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