And Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Interruptions Dept.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2014-05-25 14:00:00 No comments

Well, I think most of the dust has settled by now.

For those not fully in the know, I've spent approximately the last ten to twelve months of my life relocating from the New York area to the Space Coast (near Cape Canaveral) in Florida. This involved selling my house -- no, first fixing my house, then selling it -- then trying to extract a shipping container from my driveway in the middle of some of the worst snowstorms in years, then driving two-and-a-half days cross-country with my wife and two cats, then spending a few months encamped with the in-laws while house-shopping, then getting said house moved into and furnished.

I told myself I'd know it was over when I found myself once again seated comfortably at a desk in my office, typing -- and so here I am, doing exactly that while no longer being surrounded by moving boxes. So that bumpy phase of my life is as over as it gets, I suppose.

Let's get the two big cliché/joke lines out of the way: no, I didn't leave New York because of the crummy weather (although those winters were beginning to get pretty awful, and my wife was really put off by how fierce they were), and no, I'm not planning to retire anytime soon. I'm here mostly because it's easier to maintain a better quality of life on a smaller amount of money, and because some existing relatives in the area made the pain of relocation a little easier to bear. And yeah, the sunsets are gorgeous, but it was the practical reasons that reigned. I couldn't live a New York lifestyle anymore, and I was growing increasingly concerned there wasn't going to be such a thing before much longer -- not on anything less than $150,000 a year, certainly.

So here we are, and now for a rundown of what I'm working on:

  • Welcome to the Fold continues to unfold apace, if in a manner rather unlike the outline I created for it. No outline survives contact with a first draft. Well, that's fine; that's what rewrites are for, and if it means a genuinely better book for it, then I can't complain too much. (I only think, again, of Dalton Trumbo in his notes for the unfinished Night of the Aurochs: "Oh please god don't let it dribble out like this. Let it all come in one big lump."
  • On that note: I'll be attending AnimeFest 2014 as a vendor this year, with copies of Flight of the Vajra in tow. Look for me by name!
  • I have been working on and off on a video game project, with the eventual intention of opening up a whole subsite devoted to such things. As much as I enjoy programming, though, I'm starting to realize that most anyone could write the games I've been writing, but few others, if any, could write the books I'm writing. Still, I'd like to finish what I have and get it out there so others can savor it and brag about their high scores in public. Other things beyond that ... dunno. I leave the door open.
  • continues, and has in fact become part of the Crossroads Alpha conglomerate of sites. I must be doing something right, right? Still, I'm hoping that once my weekends calm down a little more I'll be posting material more regularly. I'd rather post quality than quantity, though, so even if it's only one major post a week that's fine.
  • Other stuff on this site -- discussions of books, movies, etc. -- are going to be continuing, albeit less frequently than they were at their peak, in big part because I'm focusing my attention on creating new things whenever possible.

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