Take This Type And Shove It Dept.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2013-12-01 15:00:00 No comments

I just upgraded to the latest version of Movable Type that I'm allowed to use, 5.2.9, and reconfigured it to run under FastCGI. The results are pleasantly snappy, enough that any difference in terms of UI performance between this and WordPress are pretty much nitpicking.

On the whole, though, the long-term plan is to wean myself of Movable Type as soon as Ghost becomes a viable option. It's not that I dislike MT, but the most recent version of the program (and everything to come after it, apparently) really isn't designed for, or marketed to, individual bloggers like yrz trly. This used to be a major component of MT's sales pitch, but not any more. No more single-user or open source versions of the program, either: the least I'd have to pay is $595 for a 5-user license, four users of which will most likely never get used! (Open can of paint, paint one door, throw out the rest?)

But WP isn't an option either, not least of all because my experiences with the program have been so uniformly ghastly. I'd rather stick with an older version of a program I know full well I won't be with forever, rather than move to a platform I despise on principle. Plus which, I know MT inside-out and front-to-back, so most anything I need to do with it isn't more than a template hack away.

Ghost is at least a year off from being something I can switch to. I track the state of the program consistently, and while it's enormously promising, it's got two problems for me. One, it's a Node.js application, which means I'd need to host it on my own hardware ($$$) or get an account upgrade ($$). Two, all of the plugins and special handling code I wrote for MT would have to be recreated, and I'd bet you the change in your pocket and your Elks pin a good chunk of that stuff won't appear in Ghost unless I took the trouble to write it.

It's not quite bad enough to make me long for FrontPage or ColdFusion, but it's close.

On the plus side, MT works, it's not timebombed, Perl isn't going anywhere, and I could keep the site running blindfolded and with two broken index fingers, so maybe it isn't such a bad deal.

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