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By Serdar Yegulalp on 2013-03-23 14:00:00 No comments

Thought I'd take a few moments and brief everyone about the status of current and upcoming Genji Press projects.

Flight of the Vajra has been out to my beta readers for a bit. The absolute drop-dead date for a release is the end of August 2013, because after that I have AnimeFest to contend with, which is where I've typically premiered new material. The book will be released in both physical editions (possibly a special hardcover version with illustrations, depending on what I can drum up) and via the usual gamut of e-book vendors (Kindle, iTunes, Nook, Smashwords, etc.)

Work on the next project has already started. The working title is Welcome to the Fold. I don't have a project space for it here yet; I want to set one up sometime towards the end of the year once I have everything nailed down and can reveal suitable details. Estimated release date is Q3 2014 (again, August/September or so).

After that I have three other projects, none of which I have names yet, all of which are of vastly different constitutions.

I'll refer to them by codenames here:

"Jahya": I've described this as a sort of "pan-Asian" epic story, a tale about a man who has the qualities of both a Confucious and a Genghis Khan -- and has to choose which ones will be of most value in his world.

"Players": The Four-Day Weekend was about anime / fandom subculture; this one is tentatively about RPGs, with roughly the same flavor of approach. Emphasis here is on how gaming enhances real life (or detracts from it) and vice versa, and also inclusivity/elitism.

"UF #1": My take on the very, very tired "urban fantasy" concept, except that I plan to turn it upside down and shake it until the loot falls out of its pockets. If we really did have people running around in our world that were the embodiments of our sense of the fantastic, how good would that really be for us -- to say nothing of how it might be for them?

No dates or timeframes for these yet, of course. I imagine as I complete any one of them, another one will step forward and announce itself as being ready to be written.

Over the last couple of years, I greatly streamlined the way I think about and come up with things to work on. I went from having thing scribbled on a dozen different pieces of paper, to a formal idea notebook, and then from there to a TiddlyWiki-collated idea pile. And at each step of the way I kept feeling like the very act of making the process easier was like a self-betrayal: the more I relied on the technology around me to keep this stuff in order, the weaker I got at handling it on my own

But a lot of that nonsense was dispelled when I realized the technology of smearing ink on paper was every bit as advanced, in its own way, as the technology of a wiki. A book is anything but primitive. The minute your ideas take any concrete form, they automatically become children of technology anyway. Purism solves nothing; it only gives you the illusion of a solution.

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