April Showers Dept.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2013-01-16 04:28:10 No comments

Criterion's new title announcements, that is. Among them: Gate of Hell, Repo Man, and Naked Lunch (the latter on Blu-ray for the first time).

Gate of Hell I'm particularly excited about, as up until now the only home video versions were either pricey imports or the prehistoric VHS edition ('pon which I cut my teeth as a wee one). The cover art for Repo Man is great; Gate of Hell, not so much so. Is it me or are Criterion's designs losing some of their savor? The last few months of releases haven't done much for me in that department. But I can forgive them a lot when they bring us the titles they do.

... and the Repo Man set includes the "melonfarmer" edit for TV. Wow.

ALSO: Masaki Kobayashi (HarakiriKwaidan)'s films in Eclipse Series 38. (Say, Criterion, any chance of a Kwaidan Blu?)

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