Flight of the Flight Dept.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2012-12-05 23:28:39 No comments

Back when I inagurated the Flight of the Vajra section of the site, I decided to use it not just for promotional material about the book, but to discuss issues and ideas that were touched on by the book itself — a sort of thematic run-up to its release. Time went on, and I found the discussion straying from its original course — so much so that I found a whole new rubric had to be chosen for it.

And so began the Science Fiction Repair Shop, where I talked about how SF (& fantasy) could be improved, both by infusing it with elements from mainstream/literary fiction and by allowing the reverse to happen as well. The title stemmed from a series of posts I made recently where I took SF&F works (mostly film) that I felt were lacking in some way and suggested improvements. It wasn't until just now I realized that label worked well to encompass the general flavor that my "discussion" posts under Vajra had taken on.

I'm in the process of moving many of those Vajra posts into SFRS, as a way to clean up the former category, give the latter a good roster of content, and pave the way for the real pre-publication material for Vajra to make their appearance. So: excuse our dust.

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