Jedi Mouseketeers Dept.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2012-10-31 23:21:16 No comments

So I come back from two days of no electricity and no Internet, with Atlantic City now just Atlantic and Hoboken drowning in its own sewage, to find that the Mouse has control of The Force.

Just so people don't think I'm being insensitive: The latter is obviously far lower on my list of things to worry about than the former items. I have friends in Jersey that I'm just now re-establishing contact with, and they all seem fine barring a flooded basement or a downed power line. But the Lucasdisney thing is just weird. (And talking about it here helps take my mind off the chaos for a bit.)

I mentioned a way back how I kind of fell out with Star Wars after discovering Lucas's film school inspirations -- mainly The Hidden Fortress and Seven Samurai, and how that permanently rerouted my interests. Now we have new films on the way, with the possibility of the creative process for those films more closely resembling the original trilogy, where Lucas gave his imprimatur on the broad designs of the project and stood back and let other people do the heavy lifting. It worked. It was when he stepped back into the director's chair and surrounded himself with yes-men that the whole project became a nasty parody of its former glory.

I'm not convinced this is a rebirth, but I'm curious. I am, however, wondering if this means the next Kingdom Hearts game will include Indiana Jones and Han Solo alongside Captain America and Goofy.

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