After AnimeFest Dept.

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2010-09-07 19:29:10-04:00 No comments

The short version: a very good time was had by all. Sales were a little lighter than what I expected, but I also donated copies of my books to the Mu Epsilon Kappa Society for one of their events. Ditto the literacy charity auction, and those crazy people at the Saturday Night LARP, all of whom were very pleased.

Did interviews with Dai Sato (also talked to him last year — the guy's a scream), J. Michael Tatum (even funnier) and Kazuyoshi Katayama (his first time here). Still trying to figure out where they're going to be used, due to complexities I cannot go into here just yet.

Very little swag this time around apart from a paperback of the final Tomoe Gozen book, which has been tough as hell to find.

I am very tired, very achy and very happy. I'll have more to report as it comes back to mind.

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