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&linkCode=as2&tag=thegline" target="_blank"> (paid link)What, more good news!? Yes.

As of right now, thanks to the good graces of the folks at, I now have all of my books currently in print available on Summerworld (paid link), The Four-Day Weekend (paid link) and the older works Another Worldly Device (paid link) and Casual Users (paid link) are all available directly from via the above links!

[Taped applause]

How did this happen? Apparently, periodically offers placement for certain select authors and books. I'm still trying to find out if this means future books from me will also be automatically eligible for Amazon distribution, but I intend to make that possible even if they don't give it to me as an automatic option. (I also plan to fine-tune the prices as best I can to make sure I can offer the Amazon books at costs that are commensurate with the other distribution channels.)

Obviously, I'm thrilled. I now have the chance to connect directly with a massive number of people without having to go through a publisher.

It also means I need your help, dear fans, more than ever.

Here's what you can do.

1. Order some of my books. If you've been going back and forth about picking up a copy, and have only hesitated because you trust more than Lulu (or me), or because you have credit with Amazon that you can't use anywhere else, then go buy one of the books at Amazon and make me happy.

2. If you've already bought my books, write a review. Log onto, go to one of the above listings, and contribute a review so that other people will know that this thing was actually read and (gasp, shock) enjoyed by others.

3. Promote within Amazon. Add the book to your Wish Lists, your So You'd Like To ... guides and your Listmania! lists.

4. Promote outside of Amazon. Link back to my site, link back to my books (use the direct links above, they're the shortest), and just go nuts getting the word out.

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