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By Serdar Yegulalp on 2008-11-07 17:09:34 No comments

The grind of dealing with "NaNo":http://www.nanowrimo.org, work and various family obligations has left me a little winded, so there hasn't been much time for me to post casual stuff.* _Infernal Affairs_ is finally getting a domestic Blu-ray edition (on 11/18). I was stupefied at how _bad_ the remake, Scorsese's _Departed_, was -- it was quite possibly the worst film I've seen from him since _Cape Fear_, laughably amateurish and lacking all of the gravity that made the original movie not only work as a thriller but catch fire as a story. The fact that Scorsese got consolation Oscars for that drivel only made it harder to stomach.* Criterion's _El Norte_ will probably end up being one of my first acquisitions from their Blu-ray catalog. I remember seeing it ages ago on VHS and even then being hugely impressed with it. It was one of those films that many of us watched in class, but I ended up renting it on my own. The "immigrant experience" is not the same for all immigrants, of course -- my parents were far luckier than most -- but Nava's film still felt incredibly relevant. I imagine it still will.* A Blu-ray edition of _Death Trance_?! Apparently, yes. Thank you, Tokyo Shock. I need to get around to reviewing this sucker, since I already did the screenshots from the DVD edition and the movie is about thirteen different kinds of awesome and win all blended together and topped off with Tak Sakaguchi.

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