The Four-Day Weekend: Let The Exhaustion Commence

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2008-08-17 17:06:28 No comments

At just a few minutes shy of 1PM today, I completed the third-draft edits for The Four-Day Weekend. I've since sent the edits on to my readers -- who, with any luck, will be sending me back corrections before I have to get the book to the printer's a little later this week.

I don't have a sampler chapter yet, but I'm aiming to have that ready by the coming week. What I may do this time around is excerpt a few pieces here and there rather than just the first couple of chapters straight through, as a way of giving people a better flavor for the book. (One might argue that is itself a case for moving chapters around, but I've got reasons for keeping things as they are.)

As it stands, I've managed to achieve about 90% of what I had in mind with this book, and the 10% that's missing is not a 10% that I'll miss in the long run anyway.

Expect the book itself to be available for on-line ordering the first week of September!

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