The Four-Day Weekend: Completion!

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2008-06-29 22:10:03 No comments

The first draft of _The Four-Day Weekend_, formerly _The New Golden Age_, is complete.6:08 PM, Sunday June 29 2008. 117,022 words._Fais que ton rêve soit plus long que la nuit_ ("May your dreams last longer than the night")For those who haven't been following along, this is my new novel -- it's set in the world of fandom. The story: two friends set out to take some time off from their lives at a major convention, and get a rejuvenation they aren't expecting in the slightest. It's not just a run-through of everyone's favorite fandom stories, though: it's a look at some very specific people who just happen to be in that scene, and are also about a dozen of my closest friends. (For everyone who's ever argued "Fandom is a way of life" vs. "Fandom is just a damn hobby", here's the middle road: "Fandom is a place to feel at home".)I've got a fair amount of text in my old blog back from when this was under its old title. There were some excerpts from a primordial draft that I actually stopped work on, dismantled, and then resurrected into the project as it currently is.So where from here? First, I have to clean up the text a bit -- make sure it's in good enough shape to be read by the people I've promised it to -- and then perform my own editing pass on it. I should have a promotional sample up on the site by August 15 or so, and by the end of August it'll be in print and ready to order. (Barring acts of god or Congress, that is.) "Excited" doesn't begin to cover it.

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