Infinimata Press: Projects: Limited Edition's Limits

By Serdar Yegulalp on 2007-08-18 20:50:19-04:00 No comments

My current printing of Summerworld is almost completely sold out once again. We have only two copies left in stock! What's more, when these copies are gone, this printing will be deleted forever.

That's right — after this, we're going to be reissuing Summerworld in a new 6x9 form factor, with slightly bigger type ... and, unfortunately, a higher cover price ($15).

There's several reasons for this:

  1. The first pocket-sized printing was always intended as a limited edition to be superseded by something that would be used as the basis for the ISBN version. The ISBN version cannot be offered in the pocket-sized format, so I have to rework it for 6x9.
  2. I crunched the numbers from the last couple of printings and found that I was barely breaking even. I need to raise the price a bit in order to actually make money on this, because of the costs incurred from buying from the printer as opposed to direct sales. This also means signed copies from me will cost that much more — I was trying to be accommodating by offering them at essentially the same price as the version you got directly from the printer, but unfortunately I really couldn't do that and expect to make any money at all.
  3. The print size gave some people problems. I got more complaints about the small type than I ever anticipated, so the 6x9 version will be a lot more reader-friendly.

I'll also be offering the 6x9 version as the future edition for all of my public appearances with the book.