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By Serdar Yegulalp on 2007-05-29 18:29:01-04:00 No comments

My first printing of Summerworld has arrived! And it looks great!

Most of these will probably vanish when I sell them at A-KON, but I'll keep people posted on how many I have left when I get back. If you wanted to buy a signed copy directly from me, you'll have to wait until I return and see how many are left.

Also, because of the pecularities of how this sort of thing works, the prices for a signed copy are probably going to be significantly higher than buying direct from the POD vendors. I have to buy it from them, which incurs shipping and sales tax, and then I have to re-ship it to the third party; I wind up losing money unless I buy in big, BIG lots.

I suspect the picture will be markedly different after I get an ISBN version of the book set up, which won't happen until later this year and a number of people have chimed in with possible further corrections and errata. (I'm stalling as much as I can on doing that because once I spend the cash to have the ISBN assigned, the book cannot be changed.)

If you're going to be there, look for some color flyers pinned up around the convention that advertise the "Summerworld Book Release Party". That'll tell you where to go.

Now to finish the rest of this work and pack and figure out how to wake up at 5AM without feeling like a zombie warmed over.

If ya want a copy now and don't want to wait, go on and buy one!