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Gohatto (Taboo)

Gohatto could have played under the title of a book about the homosexual liaisons that formed between some warriors in feudal Japan: Comradely Loves of the Samurai. The chosen title, however, means “taboo” or “prohibited”, but what is taboo and...

Calypsos from Trinidad: Politics, Intrigue and Violence in the 1930s

Few people think of calypso as anything but the harmless, seasons-in-the-sun music of yearning and sailing over the ocean that Harry Belafonte popularized in the Fifties. He was being rather selective in his interpretation, apparently, since this record shows how...

So Far (Faust)

The first time I read anything about Faust was from a reviewer who helplessly confessed that he couldn't come up with even a snotty put-down for the band. They were that difficult to pin down. Similarly, many other reviewers have...

Some Deaths Take Forever (Bernad Szajner)

The word "influence" gets slapped around like a red-hot badminton shuttlecock among music critics. Talking about how "important" an artist is, say some, is only because they're important to other musicians, not to people who actually listen to music. Then...


The doctor always wondered, idly, what was obscured by his wife’s faulty memory. Being an ex-army surgeon, and having seen the worst of the Russo-Japanese war, a trauma of the mind was hard for him to fathom. A scarred face,...

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